Sunday, March 13, 2011

Discerning of Spirits Is A Spiritual Sight Gift

Spiritual Gifts offer the kind of glue that is necessary to strengthen the Body of Christ so it can stand up against the onslaught of Satan, and the gifts are intended to edify and build it into all that Christ had in mind for his Church. It is very important for every person who is a true "Baptized by the Spirit, Christian" to search within themselves and through prayer to both learn what his or her "Gift " is and to put it into practice within the Body of Christ.

I have been under Satan's attacks for decades and am only now truly coming to grips with what this battle is about. The Church has become weak because we in America have it too easy and are not in  the battle in a way that really makes a difference! Most American Christians think that going to Church on Sunday, and a prayer now and then, will make themselves acceptable in God's eyes. Another segment of those who would refer to themselves as Christians, include doing good works into the mix to insure they are pleasing to God. Then we come to the "Christian cults", who include a variety of organized religious groups who think that their group is the "real church" and if you do not believe their perversions of the Scriptures then you can not be saved! The "speaking in tongues" groups fall into this category as well. I have been given the ability to "see" into the working of Satan within these false Christians! A well known religious group came knocking on my door a few days ago. You know who they are by the materials that they always want you to read. They even have their own translation of the Bible.

I have seen and experienced things that the normal human being would never see! God has allowed me to experience some of the Supernatural World, including His "Still Small Voice", His Hand, as a cloud, pointing to a mineral deposit, providing direction, and even seeing the Devil himself. The "Spiritual Gift" that God's Spirit has allowed me to learn to use, is "Discerning of Spirits", which is in effect "Spiritual Discernment",  It is a very hard "Spiritual Gift" to understand, to learn to use and put into practice, for of a variety of reasons. I have been trying to write, and will be writing, "The LORD Willing" in my several blogs concerning what He has allowed me to see and experience. My blogs as well as my gifting are for the purpose of providing "Spiritual Sight" to the "Body of Christ" as well as to edify the "Body of Christ", to the "Glory Of GOD". It is my hope that at least some will receive "Salvation" as well. In the end, GOD MUST BE GLORIFIED !

Because I have learned to resist the temptations of this world which is in the control of Satan, I have become even more of a target, and  I desire to become more of a help, for the strengthening and inspiration of true believers. Again, I see things that the normal Christians just do not recognize as threats and I need to Keep Writing and trying to explain that we are in trouble as a Church of Christ. Talk to missionaries who have lived with ex-head hunters and they will tell you what a great spiritual danger that there is and we in America just do not see it! Because I have seen Satan, spirits and have had a  demon try to posses me on Mount Diablo in California, I have had no choice but to recognize the dangers that are present! Please pray and listen for the Spirit of our Lord to guide you into the truth!

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